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Salam ramadhan 2 all my frenz.. hope this ramadhan will give more meanings to us.. InsyaAllah.. ermm To our director.. congratulation 4 ur graduation.. :)

Hope u will get job soon n dont forget to 'belanja' hehehhe.. :P

~miss cheese cake madam~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My name is Samirah Asy- Syifaa’ Binti Hussain. I am 23 years old. I come from Kampung Banggol Petai, Pendang, Kedah Darul Aman. I’m studying Pendidikan Islam at Faculty of Education, National University of Malaysia and I am a second year student. I applied my studying at UKM in 26 December 2007 after I school at Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah, Klang in uppersix for Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM). Before that, my first learning institute is Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendang. My ambition is a teacher. I want be a teacher because I want to share my knowledge with my student and I want they are like my teaching.

My father name is Hussain Bin Mat @ Ahmad. He was born on 13 June 1941 and now my father’s 68 years old. He is a strict person but he is a good father and I respect him too much. My mother name is Khadijah Binti Haji Kassim. She is a housewife. I’m very love and respect of my mother because she’s a caring person to me and take care of my family and she’s my best friends that always at my side when I’m sad and cry. That special, I love my parent’s so much because they’re my special’s and my idol in my life. And they’re also a great people of motivation for me to study so hard.

I have 9 sibling. My sibling is five sister and four brother. My hobbies are reading and listening a nasyid song. I like nasyid song because the music and lyric make me calm. I started like nasyid song during the secondary school until now. I like drinks is orange jus and nasi goreng . I like watch Islamic movie. I would like to visit a country in the world. This country is Jordon.

Every day, I have quality time with my family. We are eats together in the morning before my father go to work. Then at night, we are also together to do learn about knowledge Ad-din other knowledge. We are do ‘usrah’ avery night before dinner together. I love my family and I very much.



1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 cup water
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/4 cup strawberry gelatin powder
2 drops red food coloring, optional
1 1/2 quarts strawberries, sliced (reserve a few for garnish)
1 pie shell, baked, 9-inch
whipped cream or topping

Combine sugar, cornstarch, and water in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat until thickened and clear, stirring constantly.
Remove from heat; stir in lemon juice, gelatin powder, and food coloring if used. Chill until mixture begins to thicken.
Place strawberries in the baked pie shell and spoon slightly thickened gelatin mixture over the top.
Chill the pie at least 4 hours, then top with whipped cream or whipped topping and garnish with reserved strawberry halves.
This recipe too delicious. Usually time Summer many fruit strawberry and his price is cheap. So lets try this recipe, STRAWBERRY PIE.


I want to tell you about 11 May 2009. It was my first day of my third semester. I woke-up in the early in the morning. It was after 6 o’clock. I went to the bathroom to prepare myself. After that, I read the Holy Quran.
After I finished reciting the Quran. I took a breakfast like a cup of coffee and a piece of bread. Then at 8 o’clock I was already on my small on that day. I had one class only. The class is Foundation set3. My teacher’s name Madam Azlina and Madam Saripah. They was a very great teacher and soft spoken. In the class I learn so many things about how to improve the way to talk in English, and grammar. Now I am much more better than before.

After class, I went to Perpustakaan Tun Seri Lanang (PTSL). One of the famous libraries in Asia. I am very proud to study here. At PTSL I studies what I had learned in the class just now. Besides that, I discussed with my friends how to speak in English and we try to spoke each other. At 2 o’clock we went to the prayer room to prayed zuhur together. And then we continued what we did before.

In the evening, I was went back to my College and I took a rest. I prepared myself and went to pray Asar and read Ma’sthurat. At night, I usually call my lovely mother a few minutes. I must call her because I miss her so much.
At last, the end of the day I did some homework and studied for tomorrow subject. And then, I was went to slept I wished I had a sweet dream.


My name is Samirah Asy-Syifaa’ Binti Hussain. Everybody have a dream and I have too. I often dream about my future. I have 3 different type of dreams.
When I was a kid, I have a dream. My dream is I want to be a teacher. I remembered when I was 11 years old and in the classroom I acted as a teacher when the teacher was not in the class. So my first planning is to work as a teacher after I finish my studies.
I hope I will become a good teacher, humble, understanding, kind and committed to my jobs. I hope I can share my knowledge with my students. I also hope that my students would understand what I will teach them.
My second plan is to sent my father and my mother to Mecca for their Haj. This is my promise. I hope I can do that.My third plan, after I have enough money is I want further my studies. At least to mastois level if it is possible to the PHD level.
Another plan of mine is to develop an orphanage. This is my biggest dream. I have to work hard to get it because it is not a joking matter and I hope I can make all my dream become true.

Three Light In Doomsday

In doomsday have three different light:
* To the first such as stars.
* Second such as moonlight.
* Thirdly such as sunlight.

When asked light what is this ? Past answered :
"First light are light human faces when in the world, they would leave job and further clean oneself and take prayer water when overheard azan.
Second was their face light which took ablution before azan.
Thirdly light was their light sunlike. They in the world
already prepared inside a mosque before azan again."

Muhammad's prophet's will SAW to Saidina Ali RA.

Dear Ali, for MUKMIN's people be 3 his signs:

1) Not clinged on his heart in worldly property.
2) Not spellbound with wheedling.
3) Hate against vain conversation and word.

Dear Ali, for ALIM's people the be 3 his signs:

1) Honest in talk.
2) Distance all illegal.
3) Humble.

Dear Ali, to persons an honest the there were 3 his signs:

1) Conceal his religious worship.
2) Conceal his alms.
3) Conceal test befallen by him.

Dear Ali, to persons the TAQWA there were 3 his signs:

1) Afraid happened lie and base.
2) Staying away from evil.
3) Apply legitimate through fear collapsed in illegality.

Dear Ali, for RELIGIOUS WORSHIP PRACTITIONER the there were 3 his signs:

1) Oversee his self.
2) Count his self.
3) Increase religious worship to Allah.

Advice Lukman Al-hakim

1) Hi child! do not you federate because Allah act federate Allah is one large tyranny.

2) Should you obey and do well to your parent.

3) If your parent force for federation Allah then do not you follow him.

4) Should you setting up pray, order human doing good things and prevent sinful act and be patient on test anything which befell you.

5) Do not you boast and happened arrogant again arrogant because Allah dislike to arrogant and proud scarecrow self.

6) Should you moderate in walk and lower voice when speaking.


1) Damn for each detractor.
2) Which gathered property and carculate that.
3) he (human) count that the property of its able permanent.
4) sometimes no! sure he shall be cast into Hutamah hell.
5) do you know what (hell) The Hutamah?
6) yaitu fire (suffering) Allah ignited.
7) which inflame to the quick.
8) Really, the fire is closed close on (self) they.
9) is devising the strapped to long posts.

Following above are quoted of SURAH AL-HUMAZAH. In the sentence Allah had given strict ban for anyone gossip and severely critical other people. Consideration of that prohibition is they will be hurled into hell.


Whom busiest people?
Busiest people is unconcerned people will his prayer time. as if it owns government such as prophet government Sulaiman.
Whom sweetest people his smile?
Those people having sweetest smile are people befallen its past disaster said " Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi rajiuun". past as said " Yeah Rabbi, I accept with test decision you give for me". As carve smile.
Whom richest people?
Richest people are people thankful by what be and not forget will only having characteristic world enjoyment while.
Whom poorest people?
Poorest people are people that does not satisfied with pleasure possession and always collect assets.
Whom those people most lost?
Those people most lost are people middle age however still heavy to do religious worship and charity works goodness.
Whom most beautiful people?
Most beautiful people are people which possess personal noble and kind.
Whom those people having broadest house?
Those people having broadest house is dead people bring charity works goodness where his grave will extend as far as eye can see.
Whom those people having narrow house again being squeezed?
Those people having narrow house is dead people
does not bring charity works goodness past his grave crush him.
Whom those people having mind?
Those people having mind is those persons occupy heaven later because
has reasonably when in the world to avoid suffer hell.

6 points which propelled some gossip according

" Hi faithful people, if come to you bad people brought news, check fairly so that you do not reach cause disorder a race an unknown, then you regret above that action “
1) Want fulfilling caused by anger peaking until willing reveal other people embarrassment and offence. If the anger runaway, it can raise malignant and revenge.
2) Likes to listen and follow people's talk which attacked personal and someone's honour.
3) Want compete and pushing oneself forward with consider stupid and low other people.
4) Caused jealous, he envies with other people luckier and successful compared to his self. Such as raised salary and rank.
5) Joke and like to joke to condemn and said weakness and defect until disgrace other people.
6) Like manner tease and chide other people caused conceited and arrogant sense because look down on others.

Monday, June 22, 2009

-BadMintOn/IndOneSia OpEn: LeE cHonG wEi, SaIna NehWal wiN....-

In the men's singles, Malaysian shuttler Lee Chong Wei lived up to his world number one title, beating Indonesia's celebrated Taufik Hidayat in straight sets 21-9, 21-14.

"I'm very happy that I won. Before the match, I thought our chances were 50-50 but I stayed focused during the game," said Lee, who won the title in 2007.

Lee said Hidayat made several mistakes during the 38-minute fast-paced match, which was peppered with smashes and drop shots.

"His smashes were out. My defence was good. My next target is to win the world title," the 2008 Beijing Olympic silver medallist added.

The fifth-seeded Hidayat said he had put in "maximum" effort in the tournament.
"To me, the game was perfect. I'd given my maximum but Lee Chong Wei was far better. He was able to return all my shots... and I lost," he added.

In March, Lee scored back-to-back victories over Hidayat, defeating the former world champion in the All England semi-finals and the Swiss Open Super Series quarter-finals.

In the women's singles, Indian ace shuttler Saina Nehwal beat China's world number three Wang Lin to become the first Indian to win a super series badminton tournament.

Nehwal took the women's singles crown by beating Wang 12-21, 21-18, 21-9 to take the title and the 18,750-dollar prize.

"This is great... I never expected to win," said Nehwal, who is ranked eighth in the world and was seeded sixth in the tournament.

Nehwal capitalised on Wang's fatigue and wavering confidence in the final set after outlasting her counterpart in the longer rallies, sealing the match with a powerful jumping smash in front of a 7,000-strong crowd.

-g00d lUck t0 aLL my fRiENds....-

First of all, i want to say "cheese...." for our group especially to our lovely teachers,Mrs. Azlina and Mrs. Seripah to teach us in this subject without we realize,we all can be friends and part of happy family in this group.i also want to say "congratulation" to all my friends because we all was to be a winner in our drama last week. i very proud to all my friends because they was attempt very hard to give the best for our group.

Lastly,i hope we all can be friends after this memories because without all of you,i maybe cannot have a somer memories to remember especially the habits all of you can make my life happy and cheerful with your laugh and reaction.for all of you, i want to say "good luck and all the best" in our exam this morning and i hope we can do it with "cheese....."!!!

-wE aRe frIEnds...-

Whether the day is good or bad,
Whether I'm feeling happy or sad,
If I have a need, you’ll comprehend;
You’ll be there to share and be a friend.

Other people may fill my day,
But never in such an important way;
We support each other ‘round all life’s bends,
It feels so good that we are friends.

t0 all mY fRIenDs....


Life can't never be separated with love. Love definitions are very subjective. Love can be describe as a feeling of attachment to any entities either living things or non living things. Love can also be connected with something that really meaningful to us or something that we really like to have it and appreciate it.

The words ‘love’ itself can be referring to manifold of feelings, states and attitudes that one is having.

Love can be divided into two major genres of love which is impersonal love and interpersonal love. Impersonal love can be understood by an example such as love to the country or love to a material object. On the other hand, interpersonal love refers to love between human beings. For example, love to family members, friends or couples.

Love can be engendering by two basis, chemical basis and psychological basis.

Love can also be classified in different types including familial love, erotic love, platonic love and romantic love.

Nevertheless, love to our God, which for us as muslims,to Allah SWT is the greatest love that anyone can have. Yet the love does not come by itself. We have to work for it and look for it.

So my friends, lets share your opinion about love here.......

The eye to see

Eye is one of the most important body organs of human being.The eye used to see every single thing in this world.without my pairs of dark brown eyes i might not be able to see all of my friends and my teachers.Without eye i might not be able to be part of drama play role and go to impiana resort.witout eye my life will be so grateful to have a clear vision by having a pairs of eye to see every beautiful thing in this world.I will always take a good care of my eye...thanks god....

A good nutriton

a healthy food known as an essential need for our body.from eating a healthy food our body restores its basic funtion.As we know nutrition required to build our body utility,for intance by eating protein it help our body develop a defense mechanism and contruct a body musclular.

as a student , eating a healthy food is important because a balance diet ensure our body always in a good state and make our mind in alert condition and stay focus in studies.

some says " we are what we eat".Its means by eating a healthy food we will be as good as t product we eat or instead.Their a few important nutritin that should be consume are , protein , carbohydrates,vitamins, minerals and plenty of water as well.Protein needed as i mention earlier ,carbohydrates for energy metabolism , vitamin and mineral a good brain funcytion such as for better memory and stay focus.For example ,vegetable such carrot consist of high content of B-carotene which is good for eye sight.

Therefore by obtaining this fundamental nutrition its help us to get a better life.Make sure all of you obtain balance nutrition o supply our ody's need.Get yourself an advice by fnding more information from any sites or by a dietican...Cool


As proverb say " Make a thounsand friends but not a single enemy because a single rose can be your garden but a single friends meas the world"

Definition of a friend for me is ,friend is the second person who is important after our family.they mostly involve in our daily life.A friends is a person who we can turn to when caught in any trouble moment especially when we away from home .A friend plays many important role and influences ones
opposite side , the result is the other way round.Beware of a friends who takes things for granted or only be with you when you are hapy but not in pain.
some wisdom says , " Made a good example , made a bad border".therefor ,its all depend to us to jdge our friends , not to stray onto the wrong path.....Cool

life in or not?

hai guys...
actually i have a sad story to be shared with you..
last 2 days,i lost my room's i wrote in mystery topic..
unfortunately,today i lost my mp3..n my handphone charger...
i don't know laa...why the stealer stole my strange...
i guessed the person who took my key entered my room..
i just left my room this morning for 15 minutes...i locked my room's door..
when i entered my room,my purse was on my bed...
oh no!!! my money disappeared...nothing left...
i just cried and cried after found it..almost 3 hours..i couldn't do nothing...
i guessed the student here too that stole my things...
i feel fobia to leave my room again...not safe to be here...
this is my experience that i can't forget till the end...
you is safe to live in ukm?
i don't know...
i sad..i stressed...
i hope the person will repent one day...hope so.....Cry

  • To be a perfect people.... huhu
  • To have high self confidence.
  • Have a broad experience in life compare to others students.
  • Have a chance to learn and handle weapon such as rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher and manymore.
  • Teach about decipline.
  • Have their own credibility and personality compare with others students that dont join the ROTU.
  • Teach about the meaning of a struggling life.
  • Produce a sense of respect between one and others.
  • Teach to work as a team and responsibility to our freinds.
  • Proud to be ROTU UKM and SQUAD ELITE ROTU UKM.



  1. Get into your bedroom and close the door.
  2. Go through yuor life thoroughly.
  3. Write it down.
  4. Plan aroute to get there.
  5. Work your plan.
  6. Start a saving account
  7. Dismiss negative.
  8. Remember : Ignore Criticism, Believe yourself, Don't do drugs and smoke...
"Yes, my security blanket was my trust M-16. i fixed a carrying strap to sling it from my shoulder, the safetysingle switch just above my thumb. Some guys carried the rifle over their shoulder like a shovel, but not me. I wanted it where I could use it right now, if need arose. I'll not forget my M-16, for iti served me well. It kept me alive. Its like my second wife. May it rust in peace."

ABOUT M-16 :

  • In the 1718, James Puckle invented what he called his M-16 Rifle.
  • M-16 Rifle was adopted by the British Army.
  • It is maximun rate of fire was 700 rounds per minutes.
  • M-16 weight is 2.95 kg without bullet.
  • ROTU UKM also use an M-!6 in their trainning.
  • If you want try this Machine Gun, join ROTU UKM.

-mY fAmiLy aNd I-

My name is a Norazianti binti Abu Hassan. I come from Petaling Jaya, Selangor, the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. I was born in 29 February 1988 at my lovely hometown, Taiping , Perak Darul Ridzuan. My family and friends call me as a Yan, for short. Now, I am studying at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in the Dakwah dan Kepimpinan department in Faculty of Islamic Studies as a 1st year student. I have a six sibling and I am third from them.

I have a special hobby and I very like it to do. It is a reading novels especially derivative from Alaf 21 because all the novels has a good quality and good price. My favourite novelist is a Fauziah Ashari because for me she has a good imagination, talented, artistic and other good character especially when she wrote the plot until it was look so real and can make bring their reader feel excited, angry, mad, loving, crying and other like what the actor or actress act. For me, when I read a novel, it can make me feel happy and better when I was in a problems. I also like a football because it is can make me joy and fun when I watching especially World Cup or FIFA and others. My favourite team is a Manchester United because it has a most popular good player in the world for example Christiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and more.

After I graduate in my studies, I want to become a good person in this world with to achieve my dream when 1 was young. Psychologist is a my dream and I will to get it because this job can make me satisfy, challenge and bring me joy. It also can study of the mind and how it works especially about mental character individual. I believe that job should be like a hobby. I want to love my work and helping other people if my patient have a problems.

I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to read, I like to write; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to listen. I like to see the sunrise in the morning, I like to see the moonlight at night. I like good books and romantic movies. I like the land and the nature, I like people. And, I like to laugh. There are many words to describe myself and my personality. My friends or family would mainly describe me as friendly, dependable and artistic. I wouldn’t hesitate to agree with each descriptive word. I think that being these things has helped make me into the person I am today, and I am very proud of the person I have become.

When I think of the word family, my daughter, my mother, and my sister come to mind. Family is defined in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head.” In our day and age however, most families do not all live under one roof. Family members can be spread worldwide. In my case, those “under my roof” consist of my mother, my daughter, and myself.

I have a big happy family. My family lives in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. The are eight people in my family. My lovely father name is a Abu Hassan bin Yusop. He is a still young even 45 years old. He work as a driver in good company at Shah Alam, Selangor. For me, my dad is a good person but sometimes he look coherent and fierce when her child do wrong things. We all feel scary and do what he say because he do it for our good ways. He also very funny and good in joking. I very love her very much.

My mother name is a Norizah binti Adnan. She is a quite mother but when she angry with us, we all suddenly quite. Now, she is 43 years old and she is a housewife. I like and love my mom with all my heart because I am very close with her from other. She can make me happy and better when I feel sad and crying because what she say it is a remedy for my sadness. She also like joking and laugh same my father. Now, my parents are married 24 years and live with happy and joy.

Furthermore, I grew up in healthy family. I have a two older brother, two young sister and one young brother. this made my childhood days more colourful. My first older brother is Mohd Helmi and now he is 23 years old. He is a good brother in care about our family especially her sisters. He still working as a manager at the famous company in Subang Jaya, Selangor. My second brother is Mohd Hanis, 22 years old. He is a creative boy in our family because he like artistic and now he is working as a cartoonist at comic book like UJANG, APO? and other. After that, my lovely younger brother is Mohd Farid, 18 years old. He is like joking to make our family laugh and now he is waiting for PLKN in June. Beside that, my younger sister is Normaslinda, 20 years old. He is a shy girl like my mom but like laugh and now she is studying at college in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Lastly, my beloved sister is Nurul Amira,17 years old. She is a indulgent and independent child more from me and now she still studied in form 5.

My family live in a large house. The house has four bedrooms and a big backyard. The are flowers in the front yard. I feel like I am in a great family and I love them. My family is always doing stuff together. We are all really close and have respect and good communication skills in our family to make happy and fun each others.

My parents both had stable careers and this provided us with more oppurtinities to learn what we desired to.I remember when I was a young girl, my parents bought us a bicycle to joy fullness as a child same other people. This effected, finally I success learn how to ride a bicycle and now I am the best and always become the champions in ride a bicycle.

Finally, I am very lucky to have a wonderful family. I love my family with all my heart and hope our family can live with happy and joy without sadness. I always pray the good things for my family.

Good Luck My friend

Assalamualaikum and very good day for my fellow friends. GOod Luck for all of you. i hope that student from Foundation English Class set 2 will got Flying Colour result. we are the best... prove it!...
salam 2 all my friends.....just want to wish good luck for all of u tomorrow for final exam the best among the the best,beat the rest...


Sometimes we need to be relax and cool not always stay at campus and reading books, do our assingment and all. Sometimes we should spend our time to go picnic.

My Brother's always bring me and my family go to picnic and we are so happy. we make a barbeque chiken, and lunch together near the river.

we feel very happy after go to the picnic... my friend!!! you should try...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friend in need is Friend Indeed..

Assalamualaikum all of you. sincere in my heart... i proud to be one part in your life... my friend.. without all of you.. who am i.. i am nothing wihout all of you..

My friend... let be ukhwah in Allah blessing... i hope we will be friendship forever... people always said " Friend in need is Friend Indeed.."it is the best sentences that very suitable for all of you friend...

Friend.. you always make me happy, laugh with your jokes can make me smile and forget my problem..

Friend sometimes you teach me how to be a good "man" in this world.. thanks a lot for it.

Friend.. you always help me when me in trouble, always visit me when i was sick... i really appricieate it...

I pray may Allah watch Over you everysecond... and everything you do...ameeeen....

-A daY iN mY liFe aT cAmpUs-

My name is Norazianti binti Abu Hassan, I’m 21st year’s old and I come from Petaling Jaya,Selangor. I’m studying Dakwah dan Kepimpinan from Faculty of Islamic Studies at Nasional University Of Malaysia. My campus is situated at Bangi Selangor. Study at University from the year 2009 until 2011. At the moment I’m in my first year. As I learn here, I have many sweet memories and bitter ones. This time I want to share with you about a day in my life in campus. Even if whatever in the fact is life in campus is not equal to life in school time. All freshman must having life in campus.

This semester I stay at the Aminuddin Baki college. A day in my life in campus, is crowded with activity. Starting with hours of the morning, I wake up in 6.30 am and I continued to make up dawn prayers. After I prayers I will read the mathurat or surah yasin. When I read the mathurat or surah yasin everyday I will feel that day crowded with peace and I will feel all dealings in that day run smoothly and all perfect. After that I breakfast with bread or oat. In one day be class two or three class. The my class that earliest at 8.00 am. If just-in-time before I go to the class, I will the breakfast. I get down from a room at 7.45 am and I will go out to my campus at 8.00 am. After the class, I go back to my room or go to library and I will settle my homework.

Everyday l have lun
ch with my friend or my roommate,Nurlia. In the afternoon, I go to lunch at the Aminuddin Baki cafes or “Canselori cafes” with my best friends, Noraini, Asibah, Nurul Huda, Ain, Shuhada, Hawa and other else. After that I will zuhur prayer, after prayer I sleep for a few minutes because at night I stay up for study or settle the assignments. Afterwards I wake up at 4.30 pm. When the evening I go to the jog at Tasik Kejut with my friend is Huda,Aini, Asibah and Husna. Whenever I jog, I will get the release tension and active. I go back familiar to room at 7.15pm. I like outdoor activities vary much.

At night after maghrib prayer, I will read quran
and I solat hajat prayer before isyak. After solat I will settle my assignments. Study in campus must have assignments, all the subject have the assingments. This semester I have many assignments and project, it makes me very busy and tired. Sometimes I feel very tensions with my assignments and project. Because I need to search reference substance and go to the meeting group. At the near exam I always stay up at night and I always not enough for sleep. Because I must struggle to study that before time I no in time for study. As I have the many assignment and project.

Lastly, my best thing I was so happy and joy to do in my life is every Wednesday, because I will go to Panggung Seni at Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak(DECTAR) to practice my favourite activity in ko-kurikulum, that is a “Kertuk Dan Rebana Ubi”. It is a old play or historical monument our country before we was born because it was born in era our grandfather or grandmother above. It is very special things I do because I can learn and know about it especially it can make my life cheerful when I play. As for I know about it, it is a one of the instruments to make a fisherman at sea feel better and happy after they was finish their work. It also can make they feel relax from tired work. I hope, this monument historical can be favourite especially to our generation.

The conclusion live in campus very interesting in my life. Because this time very freedom for me. All the freshman will feel things at same with me. The time life in campus also time for the my future plan.

Surprise PartY

Its was my first surprise party.. wahhh.. is so shocked.... its happened when I in a First year student... My date of birth is 24 March 1987...
I am really proud... it is unforgotable memory that i will remember forever in my life. mY friend in Quranic Course especially along,uda,alang,acik,usu,ateh and adeq... have plan properly to make surprise party for me.. they buy some cakes, a few candle.. and some ballon.. waaah.. its was a funny day in my life. thanks you so much.. its was my happy day.. i will remember your sacrifice to make me happy. thanks my friend..
You give me... a big smile =)

Which the english singer you all like?

Do you listen to English songs?
Which singer you all like?
Personally, I like David Archulate.
His " Crush" song is very nice.

Good Luck To Everyone!!

We Will Take The Exam Tomorrow.
So Good Luck To Everyone!!

Sweet Memory....

Salam..Thanks to Allah, we won the is sweet memory..Congratulations to all and thanks to our teacher...

Good Luck!

Salam...good luck to everyone for the exam tomorrow..Do all your best..Thank you to Madam Azlina and Saripah.

My Opinion abaut foudation English...

My opinion abaut faudation english are, it is good for us to improve our skills and many more. foundation English help me us to be better in reading, writing,lessening, and spiking.. thanks a lot of to my teacher Puan Azlina and Puan Saripah because help me along class... i hope my friends wish something to teachers.. anway, I hope relation with our friends end finish after class foudation English.. to my teachers and all friend,,,,


Are you Stresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want sheare with you something....

step avoid stresh

1. Pray
2. wudhuk
3. Share your problum with friend.
4. Go to Picnic " releast tension"
5. Be patient
6. Sleep
7. Eat
8. Thinking positive your problum
9. bref sloly


my name is Amirul Fahmi...

I want to wish congrulation to my friend because for our frist drama.. and good luck in your examation.....on 22 june 2009...

I hope we congrulation....InsyaAllah

Happy my Father's Day

Happy my Father's Day..
My fathers name is Harun bin Awang
he's a good man in the world.
without him I could not know menaing of live..
he's very help me in my life...

my father's character is, patiant, cool, good father's, love, understanding and everything...
I want to remind to you and all, happy my father's day is not 21th enough but all of our life..

I love you so much... I am apoligeze to you..if I make mistike in your life..

by: Amirul Fahmi Harun

When I was Small... I was afraid of....

when i was small, I was afraid of leech.the frist time i was afraid was leech when i swimming in the rever with my friend and my sister. my sister couse of i afrid of the leech. i afraid until now...but now leeach very famous at the comunity moden because leech could halp comunity in the aboid problem disease and a few comunity farm leeach sourse of economy. now I will try to love leech because i want try to business leech.

Amirul Fahmi bin Harun

My name is Amirul Fahmi b Harun. Amie for Short. I came from the north of paninsular of Malaysia. I live in a Vallage, GeoPark Island. My village name is Kampung Pasir Hitam and it’s located at Ayer Hangat, Kuah Langkawi Kedah Darul Aman. I was born on 1 April 1887, Aprilfool day in my home.

My Father’s name is Harun bin Awang. On this year, he’s 65 years old and he is a fishman until now. My Mother’s name is Asikin binti Hj. Ibrahim. She is fulltime housewife. She is 62 years old. My lovely mother always woke up early morning to make us breakfast dan help me anytime.

Now, I would like to tell abaut my self. I have 8 siblings, older sister and 1 younger brother dan 2 younger sister. I‘m the 5 of them. I’am 22 years old. My first eduction is strated at Sekolah Kebangsaan Penghulu Ahmad since 1994 until 1999, in 2000 I’m further my studies at Mahmud College Langkawi until 2004. In 2005 I has taken Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) at Maktab Mahmud Alor Star and than I’m taken Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Kedah.

My Big Family

Now, I’m studying in Bachelor of Islamic at the faculty of education at the National University of Malaysia. And mybe I will finished in 2011. The course lasts four years but I’m very enjoying at a lot. I love it. I want to be a teacher one day. I like this job because I would like to give knowledge to people. My hobby is reading, fishing, and playing Sepak Takraw with friends. I played Sepak Takraw since I was in secondary school until now. It’s is very long time for me.

My best friend is my housemeet name is Kudin or Tengku Kudin. He’s 22 years old. He’s come form Kuala Nerang. Our mother are good friend. I call kudin mother is aunti Mariam and I know she doesn’t mind with me. Kudin and I was best buddy because we grouw up together. Once upon a time, when were a kids, we always shere same games like a toys, dolls, gemes tradisonal and everthing. Kudin and I also shere same hobbies too. That’s why I like him so much. I really hope our friendship will last forever until we die. InsyaAllah. That all abaut my self.

Kudin and I
My best freind