Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Muhammad's prophet's will SAW to Saidina Ali RA.

Dear Ali, for MUKMIN's people be 3 his signs:

1) Not clinged on his heart in worldly property.
2) Not spellbound with wheedling.
3) Hate against vain conversation and word.

Dear Ali, for ALIM's people the be 3 his signs:

1) Honest in talk.
2) Distance all illegal.
3) Humble.

Dear Ali, to persons an honest the there were 3 his signs:

1) Conceal his religious worship.
2) Conceal his alms.
3) Conceal test befallen by him.

Dear Ali, to persons the TAQWA there were 3 his signs:

1) Afraid happened lie and base.
2) Staying away from evil.
3) Apply legitimate through fear collapsed in illegality.

Dear Ali, for RELIGIOUS WORSHIP PRACTITIONER the there were 3 his signs:

1) Oversee his self.
2) Count his self.
3) Increase religious worship to Allah.

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