Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My name is Samirah Asy-Syifaa’ Binti Hussain. Everybody have a dream and I have too. I often dream about my future. I have 3 different type of dreams.
When I was a kid, I have a dream. My dream is I want to be a teacher. I remembered when I was 11 years old and in the classroom I acted as a teacher when the teacher was not in the class. So my first planning is to work as a teacher after I finish my studies.
I hope I will become a good teacher, humble, understanding, kind and committed to my jobs. I hope I can share my knowledge with my students. I also hope that my students would understand what I will teach them.
My second plan is to sent my father and my mother to Mecca for their Haj. This is my promise. I hope I can do that.My third plan, after I have enough money is I want further my studies. At least to mastois level if it is possible to the PHD level.
Another plan of mine is to develop an orphanage. This is my biggest dream. I have to work hard to get it because it is not a joking matter and I hope I can make all my dream become true.

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